Team Thorough YKM Condemns Burning Of Tshirts,Posters

Hillary Ainesasi ,Deputy national in charge of mobilization and field operations Team Thorough YKM 2021 a winning team has classified that the group that went on to burn the T-shirts and posters in Iganga district Eastern region doesn’t belong to the ruling National resistance Movement/team thorough a volunteer group hunting for President Museveni votes across the country.

Mr Ainesasi said that there are innocent Ugandans who have been misled for so long by Kiiza Idiri Kamuntu a NIRA DRO koboko.
This is a person who has been going around promising people to take them HE President Museven before nominations which has failed.After running short of lies, this gentleman had to mastermind the burning of t-shirts and posters to attract the attention of the President after promising people heaven on earth while conning them their hardly earned cash and failed to fullfil any.
As Team Thorough , we strongly condemn this kind behavior in our NRM party and request for Ant-corruption Unit to come in and investigate this kind of act to the public.
However i call upon those operating in team thorough name to come and join us and operate in one office of Malcom X avenue plot 10 kololo to canvas support collectively for our NRM presidential candidate and avoid being used by such kind of self seekers.

We encourage our coordinators countrywide to remain focused on securing our thorough door to door mobilization of HE Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Tibuhaburwa thorough our structures at the grassroot level until 14th jan 2021 when our flagbearer HE Gen President Museveni and NRM flag bearers win the elections.



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