I Will Compensate NRA Victims In Six Months If Elected President – Mayambala

The Independent Presidential candidate Willy Mayambala has promised to compensate National Resistance Army War veterans within six months.

Luwero district was the epicentre of National Resistance Army-NRA war of 1981-1986. 

However, 34 years after the war, several veterans and residents are still demanding for compensation packages.

While campaigning in Luwero town on Friday, Mayambala said several residents fear to vote President Yoweri Museveni out of power because they still have false hope that he will compensate them.

Mayambala asked residents to stop voting Museveni because he has failed to pay their compensation packages in the last 34 years.

He pledged that once he is elected, he will ensure all veterans and other people who contributed to NRA are paid within the first six months.

Mayambala who is born at Ndagga village in Luwero Sub County said that it will be easy for him to fulfill the pledge since he shares same pain as a son of the district.

Residents say that Mayambala was spot on the delayed compensation packages.

Ronald Muyomba a resident in Luwero town says that his father died in NRA war and he has been chasing for compensation packages in vain. Muyomba says that he lost hope in President Museveni and he is ready to vote him out of power in 2021. 

Other residents say they are tired of Museveni unfulfilled pledges.

Mayambala is expected to campaign in Mubende on Saturday.

Mayambala contested on FDC ticket in Katikamu North Member of Parliamentary seat located in Luwero district 2016 but he lost.

Delayed Compensation of veterans is one of the challenges that still haunt President Yoweri Museveni’s 34 years after assuming power. 

In December last year, the Minister of State for Defence and Veteran Affairs Lt. Colonel Bright Rwamirama revealed that over 10,500 veterans had been listed for compensation but many are still demanding for packages.

The number of veterans who have been compensated is unknown and there are complaints that the exercise has been marred by irregularities. 

The 2018 Auditor General report raised concern over the absence of a comprehensive verifiable database of the veterans paid and those awaiting payment since the inception of the programme ten years ago.   




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