Pupil’s Interviews For Academic Year 2021 At Kampala Parents School Revised

While schools haven’t been full reopened by the government following their closure due to spread of coronavirus, schools and parents are preparing for the next academic year which normally starts late January.

Parents and school administrators are optimistic that the government will reopen the learning centre. Schools, with strict adherence to health guidelines and SOPs, partially reopened to teach and complete the syllabus for candidate classes.

In November, Kampala Parents School (KPS), one of the leading private primary schools in the country, started conducting interviews for pupils who want to join the school in the first term of the 2021 academic year.

And now the school has extended the offer to enable parents who missed last month to be able to register and enrol their children. The new dates which commenced on 5th December for P2 to P4 pupils run up to 28th December 2020.

On Saturday 12th December, KPS will conduct interviews for P1 class while on Tuesday 15, it will conduct interviews for P5 – P7 classes. Parents with pupils joining P1 who will have missed earlier dates will now be able to have children interviewed on Saturday 19th December. Saturday 28th December will be the date to interview Pre Primary learners.

Kampala Parents School has also announced that there will be no admission fees for term one of the 2021 academic year, however, pupils will undergo a mandatory interview process to test them.

Parents intending to enrol their children at the school have been advised to call the school and book to enable the school plan and adhere to the SOPs and health guidelines.

Kampala Parents mission, according to management, is to instil qualities of good leadership, sound moral judgment, self-discipline, a pluralistic outlook, and civic responsibility to distinguish each child as a responsible individual.

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