Covid-19 Crisis: Head Teachers Concerned About Fulfilment Of SOPs As Schools Near Reopening In 2021

Head teachers of different schools are concerned about plans by the government to open schools for other classes.

Government is planning to reopen for more classes before the candidates sit for their final exams early next year.

In October, the government reopened schools but only for candidate classes, after more than six months of inactivity. The schools were required to adhere to the covid-19 guidelines to curb the spread of the virus.

Several schools and educationalists are now concerned that complying with the guidelines may become a challenge, especially social distancing.

The headteacher St Mary’s Primary School Kireka Catherine Wanyama noted that the school has managed to adhere to the recommended Standard Operating Procedures-SOPs with a student population of 38. She, however, says that there is a need for more facilities when the number of pupils increases next year.

The headteacher Kibuli Demonstration School Badru Ssemabgwe says that schools have tried to enforce the SOPs through working jointly with parents and communities.

He, however, notes that the proposal of bringing in more learners before the candidates leave will call for routine inspection and monitoring of schools and vigilance from both the communities and schools.

Gertrude Nakatunda the head teacher Kalinabiri Primary school indicates that having more pupils at school will lead to compromising of the guidelines since they do not have adequate space to observe social distancing. She wants the government to wait for the candidates to sit for their final exams.

Joseph Okedi the Director of Studies St Peters Primary school Nsambya says that their concern is on the availability of water which is a key component in observing SOPs with their population of over 3,000 pupils and the staff.

The Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA education supervisor Nakawa division Prosper Lwamasaka notes that as KCCA they concerned about the social distancing as schools reopen for all classes.

Lwamasaka explains that in Nakawa they have 650 schools operating and some of them have already started lamenting about lack of funds to procure more materials for hand washing.

Lwamasaka indicates reopening for other classes will need other interventions from the government which include studying in shifts.

Drake Mutahakana the KCCA Education services supervisor Rubaga division says that as education supervisors they plan to create awareness about the disease to ensure that the learners adhere to the guidelines.





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