Brig Gen. Felix Kulayigye: ‘I’m Ready To Salute Bobi Wine If He Becomes President’

Brig Gen. Felix Kulayigye, a Member of Parliament representing Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) has said that he is willing to serve under presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine in case he wins the 2021 general elections.

Unlike some other high ranking military officers like Brig. Deus Sande who have vowed never to handover power to Bobi Wine incase he becomes President, to Brig Kulayigye its a different story.

According to the former army spokesperson, although he disagrees with Bobi Wine, if he becomes President, he will respect him.

“Ahead of State is ahead of State whether you agree with him or not. I have talked to Hon. Kyagulanyi and told him there are things I don’t agree with him. But if he is the head of state, I will salute him,” he said during Nxt radio’s Big Talk political show on Saturday.

Brig-Gen Kulayigye is the first top-ranking serving military officer to openly admit that he can serve under Bobi Wine incase he becomes President.

However, officers like Brig. Sande the commandant of the UPDF’s Armoured Warfare Training School, Masaka Armoured Brigade have already vowed that they are not ready to hand over power to people like Bobi Wine.

“As long as we are still here, we are not ready to give out power to ideologically bankrupt people. We cannot give away Ugandans. We cannot spoil what we struggled for many years ago. We are not ready. Do you think we are planning a handover? No. We are planning for consolidation of what we struggled for. It is up to the young generation to decide where they want to take Uganda but they should know that the Uganda they live in is not what it was many years ago. Uganda should not go the Somali way,” Sande said recently.

This week the Minister for East African Affairs Gen Kahinda Otafiire argued Bobi Wine to continue “singing and dancing” since he (Otafiire) did not fight in the bush (1980-86) for a musician to lead him.

“I like Kyagulanyi’s songs, but Kyagulanyi can’t lead me. I did not fight in Luweero for Kyagulanyi to lead me. We went to Luweero and fought, then now you tell me to be ruled by Kyagulanyi! No! Can he take us anywhere?” Otafiire wondered

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