Gen Sabiiti Speaks Out On M7 Sacking

The former Deputy Inspector General of Police Major General Sabiiti Muzeyi has spoken out on one of the reasons why President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni fired him from police top leadership.

Gen Sabiiti on Monday afternoon, told senior police officers that he could have been fired because he never fully participated in general political work to bridge police and civilian communities.

It is said that Sabiiti became an office administrator instead of going to field to create intelligence bases a move which irked President Museveni to fire him.

While presiding over the handing and taking over ceremony for the office of the DIGP, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martins Okoth Ochola in his opening remarks, he thanked the outgoing DIGP, Major General Sabiiti Muzeyi and described him as a true leader and a man of integrity.  He urged him to remain an Ambassador for the police and always take time to call upon us at any time.  To the police management team, he will always be remembered for standing up for what is right.

The IGP also welcomed the new DIGP, Major General Paul Lokech, whom he asked to take time to learn about the organization and familiarize himself with the various dimensions of the police force.  He added that the incoming DIGP brings with him extensive knowledge, experience and proven leadership, the attributes that are commensurate with his new role.

He further added that the policing philosophy of the force, balances the foundation of traditional policing with innovative and progressive methods, to help maintain professionalism and a quality of public safety that the public deserves.  Our emphasis therefore, is going to be protecting life and property and promoting rule of law.  This will help improve our community relations.

The outgoing DIGP thanked H.E. The President for the opportunity to work in the police.  He further thanked the IGP and all Directors for the respect, courtesy and good working relationship accorded him over the last two years and 10 months that he has been the DIGP.  It helped to bring out the best in him.  He further described his successor as a Chief of good Character, who has a strong reputation in the policing of communities.  He welcomed him to the new office and wished him success.

The incoming DIGP, Major General Paul Lokech also thanked H.E. The President for his appointment.  He also thanked the IGP, the outgoing DIGP, and all Directors for welcoming him into the force.  In his remarks he added that he was not an expert, but pledged to work with the Police Management to embrace initiatives aimed at improving further the image of the force and service delivery.  He further thanked his predecessor for giving him the tools necessary to prepare for his new position.  And added that it was his job to continue with the mission to protect life and property, promote rule of law, and build stronger partnerships with the public and other stakeholders.



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