Hired Bigali Gang Members Lynched In Downtown Kampala Robbery

Police has released a preliminary investigation into a video that has been trending on social media, where a mob is seen beating someone dressed in a yellow t-shirt.

The evidence gathered so far, it has emerged that on Wednesday January 6th, 2021, two (2)criminal gangs commonly known as “kifesi” and “Bigali” were mobilised in Kisenyi and given partisan politically inclined t-shirts with intention to cause chaos and mayhem.

The group walked from Kisenyi road towards Blue Room, while robbing phones and money from the public.

However, they met a stiff resistance a few meters away as they were approaching the junction of Kafumbe Mukasa road where they were beaten up by members of the public and some, consequently undressed.

Police from old Kampala responded and three suspects Katerega Muhammad, Ogutu Bernard and Ngubiri Charles were arrested and two damaged mobile phones recovered from them.

The three were charged of theft vide SD ref 08/06/01/202.

“They allege that they were being commanded by one SSENTONGO, whom we vow to hunt down,” said Asp Luke Owoyesigyire, Deputy PRO KMP.

Relatedly, Owoyesigyire said police received credible information that there are young people who have offered themselves as gangs for hire.

Police has intensified operations and will crack down these criminally minded groups.

“We urge the public to maintain peace, and calm as the country goes to the polls. We categorically call against any mob actions. We also urge citizens seeking electoral leadership to urge their supporters to maintain law and order,” he added.

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