Gone: God ‘Owobushoborozi’ Bisaka Passes On In Kenya

The man, believed by his followers to be ‘God’ Owobusobozi Desto Bisaka is reported to have died from Nairobi Hospital on January 13, 2021, a day to Uganda’s Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

However, his death was kept a top secret as revealing it to the general public would disorganize elections especially for the ruling National Resistance Movement party, an organ he identified with. Bisaka died a strong supporter of President Yoweri Museveni.

“His death was kept a secret for strategic reasons,” a deep throat source said.

In fact, before his death, he had rallied his supporters to vote for Museveni.

Last year, after death of his son, many of Bisaka’s supporters left him after they wondered how ‘God’ would fail to raise own son from death. Majority of them crossed to the Anglican Church.
This his church is yet to release official statement concerning information about his demise.
Since 2017,Bisaka has been flying out of the country for specialized medical treatment.

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