State Of Busoga Roads Irks Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga is concerned about the state of access roads in Busoga which she says have been damaged by trucks that transport sugarcane.

According to the Speaker, a meeting with sugarcane millers earlier resolved to engage the local governments to maintain the roads.
Kadaga said many of the roads had become impassable adding that the cost was very high on the local governments.
“We agreed that they are going to put in a budget for all our areas where the sugarcane millers are and the areas where their trucks move. We also need the engineers on board to execute this task,” the Speaker said.

She cited Kakira Sugar Works Limited that does not operate in Kamuli and Luuka districts but whose trucks have damaged the roads as they transport sugarcane from the districts.

The Speaker added that it was hard to ask the local governments of the two districts to repair the roads. She called on the engineers to have a budget for road maintenance that can be given to the millers in the sub-region.
“I have been told that some of these millers have road construction equipment which they have offered to us. After that, we can agree on an implementation plan for that additional support to the districts of Busoga,” Kadaga said.

The Chief Administrative Officer of Kamuli district, Andrew Mawejje said the CAOs will discuss the budget plans with the regional engineer which will later be presented to the Speaker for review.

The said budget will be shared with the millers in Busoga sub-region to make plans for implementation.

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