Justice Owiny-Dollo to Bobi Wine: If Anybody Thinks He Can Induce The Chief Justice With Favours or Intimidation, Be Ready For a Crash

The Supreme Court of Uganda Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny-Dollo has defended himself on allegations by former NUP Presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine where he wants him off the judges handling his electoral petition.

Kyagulanyi on Monday petitioned the supreme court asking Chief Justice Owiny Dollo, and Justice Mike Chibita to step down from hearing the matter because of a clear conflict of interest.

Bobi in his petition says Chief Justice represented Museveni as his lawyer in the presidential petition filed by Dr. Besigye in 2001 and the former DPP Chibita is Museveni’s former private secretary for 7 years.

Speaking during a court session earlier today, Chief Justice told Bobi off that; “We did not invite anyone to this court if you have Plan B, go ahead with it but do not bring undeserved chaos in court.”

“If anybody thinks he can induce the Chief Justice with favours or intimidate him, be ready for a crash. Nobody should have the fear that we will favour any person in this petition; we took an oath to defend,” he said.

“All matters that arise outside court we don’t have time for. If anyone thinks they can intimidate, blackmail the chief justice Of Uganda, he is going to crash.” he added.

He said last time they spoke on how they will conduct themselves in the matter before them. “The lordships as it is provided for in the constitution took an oath to protect it without fear favour affection or ill will.”

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