University Students’ Body Gives Govt Ultimatum To Call Off Lecturers’ Strikes

The Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) has petitioned Parliament following the continued strike by lecturers in the nine public universities.
The students led by Ezra Byakutangoza presented the petition to the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga Tuesday, 09 March 2021 saying that Parliament needs to check government programmes in regard to students’ welfare and academics.
“The lecturers have prolonged the industrial action and considering the time we wasted during Covid lockdown, the students are suffering and losing more time,” he said.
Byakutangoza added that many institutions were closed and the government has encouraged electronic learning, which has ended up being for just a few that can afford.
“Many students lack gadgets, data and even network for those who are upcountry is an issue. With the vaccine we are praying that it is more effective to be in school with the help of the vaccine,” he said.

He cited many situations where schools increased their fees after opening of schools. He also noted that many young girls have dropped out of school due to pregnancy or early marriages.
Kadaga said that as Parliament, they would pressurize the Ministry of Education and the Committee on Education to see how they can handle the impact on the young people.
“The impact of closing schools has been big and it is a problem in many places and fortunately now there is a vaccine,” she said adding that, ‘the excuse of keeping students at home will be no more as they can be able to interact in class. We shall continue to advocate for more internet so that all students can be able to access an education

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