Bobiwine Calls For Massive Protests Against President M7’s Victory, Sets Tough Terms

Former Presidential candidate for National Unity Platform ‘NUP’ Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobowine has set tough conditions for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his government to work on immediately or else he unleashes protests.

On Tuesday,while addressing the media fraternity at NUP offices in Kamwokya, Bobi Wine claimed that he won January 14th presidential elections which were stolen.

He called for peaceful protests,after President Yoweri Museveni, was declared the winner of a disputed presidential election.

“I call upon you to rise up peacefully, unarmed and demonstrate against the regime that has oppressed us,”he said.

Bobiwine paraded files, which he claimed contained DR forms from all polling stations making him a winner of recently concluded elections.

He vowed to fight for his purportedly victory and made four demands to President Museveni which must be met before the impending nation wide peaceful demostrations are halted.

Deputy inspector general of police Maj General Lokech responded to Bobiwine’s demands by cautioning youth that if anybody gets involved in public demonstrations,security will be ready to deal with them.

This is his statement highlighting four Bobiwine’s demands:

Fellow Ugandans, As we promised when we withdrew the Election Petition from the Supreme Court, we are bringing this matter to the People of Uganda! As always, the regime is desperately trying to claim that we are planning violent protests. NO. We are calling upon all of you citizens of good will to demonstrate peacefully and unarmed, a right guaranteed by Article 29 of the Constitution.

We are demonstrating with four demands:

1. We won the January 14th election. Our computation from the DR forms shows that we won with 54.19%, despite the massive ballot stuffing which Gen. Museveni engaged in. This morning we have given details of our election results, and thereafter we’ll release the DR forms on our website. We demand that Gen. Museveni returns the victory of the people of Uganda. If he claims, even remotely that he won this election, we demand that there is an INDEPENDENT AUDIT of the election.

2. We are demanding that Gen. Museveni and his regime of shame immediately stop abducting the people of Uganda, which they continue to do on a daily basis.

3. We are demanding that Gen. Museveni and his security operatives #BringBackOurPeople who who were abducted. We are demanding that Gen. Museveni immediately releases all political prisoners dead or alive; including those who are in prisons and those who are in torture chambers across the country.

4. We are demanding that Gen. Museveni immediately stops the trial of civilians in the General Court Martial and other military courts.

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