‘You Cannot Make Money Alone & Call That Success’ – Dr. Sudhir Tips On How He Defines Success

Uganda’s business magnate and investor Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia, possibly the country’s most charismatic businessman is the chairman of Ruparelia Group, one of the top taxpayers in Uganda.

The Nepal consul in Uganda and a symbol of financial success on the East African land has been sharing tidbits of his success journey, which is peppered with anecdotes from his wealth of experience as an investor in Africa, and other economies.

Uganda’s number one property mogul has set his family business on the rail of financial excellence with investments across Africa, Asia, and Europe, spanning real estate, education, finance, agriculture, and hospitality, among others.

“This is how I define success. My success is when I see that I started a project, I created employment for people and at the same time, the people who are using my establishments are also making money from it. That is my success,” Sudhir said.

“People who are with you must make money. You should not make money alone,” the billionaire added.

Three decades ago, Sudhir was a normal businessman in Kampala city. He had used his savings as a taxi driver in the United Kingdom to start a business in his motherland, Uganda.

Today, Sudhir and his family have business interests in hospitality, education, real estate, finance, insurance, labour export, and agriculture, among others.

The billionaire’s thoughts drawn from the experience of steadily growing his empire is priceless.

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