Busted: Three City Land Agents In Trouble For Forging Tycoon Sudhir’s Signature To Acquire Over USD60m By False pretence

Three land agents have been busted for forging property mogul Sudhir Ruparelia’s signature in a bogus deal.

According to legal documents purportedly drawn by Nangwala and Rezida Advocates, the three fraudsters identified as Quillino Bamwine, Ronald Ndyareeba and Sam Mubiru forged signatures of property mogul Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia to acquire $60,480,000 (sixty million, four hundred and eighty thousand dollars only) from money lenders for the purchase of the property disguising as Meera Investments Ltd, a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group.

“Whereas the principal has already finalised the principles for the sale of the property and has subsequently thereto appointed The Agents to solicit for acceptable buyers which duty the said agents have duly discharged by presentation to the Principal Joyce Meyer Ministries Limited and Christian Life Ministries Uganda limited are joint and Whereas Joyce Meyer Ministries Limited and Christian Life Ministries Uganda Limited as joint purchasers have pursuant to the above solicitation already been presented by The Agents to the Principal with an acceptable offer of $60,480,000 (sixty million, four hundred and eighty thousand dollars only) for the purchase of the property” reads part of the agreement.

“In consideration of The Agents discharging their obligations as set upon them by the Principal as hereinabove indicated, the former shall be entitled to $1,209,600 (one million two hundred nine thousand six hundred united states dollars only) or the equivalent of 2 per cent of any other agreed purchase price,” the document read in part.

The three presented the document to money lenders as “proof” of being able to service the loan as the document indicated they were to earn $1.2m off the deal.

When reached for comment on the developments, Sudhir said, “This is a false transaction. They forged my signature to say they are getting usd 1 m in commision and went to money lender to borrow money against this forged agreement.” Tycoon Sudhir said.

The law firm also distanced themselves from the document.

“They put our address of 10 years ago and couldn’t spell the name Rezida  well and added things on the stamp that aren’t there.” On the false document, Rezida’s name was mispelt as Reziba.

Sources say Ndyareeba is currently battling a case of Shs50 million related to land matters at Jinja Road police station.

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