Police Reinstates Deadly Curfew Operations In Kampala

Police have intensified and reinstated their operations to enforce curfew around Kampala metropolitan and other parts of the country after new covid-19 hit South Africa,Brazil and India killing thousands of people.

This comes after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Saturday,while celebrating international labour held at State house Entebbe told Ugandans that curfew will be eased after 5 million people have been vaccinated with Covid-19 jabs. General Museveni instructed the task force to contain the spread of covid-19 .

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson ASP Luke Owoyesigyire has released a statement reminding Ugandans that police leadership directed all regional commanders to intensify new operations to enforce Covid-19 guidelines.

“We would like to inform the general public that curfew operations have been scaled up and check points reinstated . Those found violating the 9pm curfew will be handled in accordance with the Ministry of Health regulations against the spread of Covid 19 .
Stay safe”, he said.

Recently,the director of operations, AIGP Edward Ochom sent a message to all police units and shared concerns that security operatives were not doing enough to implement the presidential directives to control the spread of the virus which has so far infected 40,357 Ugandans with 334 deaths confirmed by Ministry of Health.

Mr Ochom warned that security officers would be punished if they relaxed the enforcement of health guidelines.

“As you are all aware the curfew and the Covid-19 regulations are still in force. However, it has been observed that the boda boda riders are no longer observing curfew time and they are seen riding throughout the night. Eequally, the motor vehicles are not observing curfew time and are seen at all times of the night,” Mr Ochom said.

According to Mr Ochom, bars have not been allowed to operate but information reaching police authorities indicate that some of the bars, discos and other hangouts are alleged to be manned by security personnel while in the operation.

“These continued activities have enabled crimes to escalate. There are increased cases of domestic violence, murders and robberies yet this is the time when crimes should be going down as we still have support from other security agencies and special Police Constables (SPCs),”he said.

Mr Ochom in the message, instructed all the police staff to immediately implement the Covid-19 regulations that were last March announced by the President and the Ministry of Health which have been violated by the security people.

“You are instructed to immediately implement the Covid-19 regulation, have snap checks to regulate movements during curfew times and intensify foot and motorized patrols, “he added.

He noted that alert squads will be sent out and any officer who will not comply will have actions taken against them.

A 9pm-6am daily curfew has been running for almost 11 months as part of the lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19.Additional reporting by Daily Monitor.


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