Security Declares Bobiwine Parrell Swearing In Treasonous

The Joint Task Force is aware of plans by Former Presidential Candidate, who lost the recent Presidential Election, to hold a parallel and illegitimate swearing-in ceremony, in one of the Hotels in Iganga.
According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga revealed that Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobiwine continues together with some of his supporters to declare himself as the President-Elect.
” We want to remind him and his supporters that the voices of the electorate were clearly heard. He is therefore, not the legitimate or duly Elected President of the People of Uganda. As a potential leader, we urge him to play his politics with full respect for the rule of law”,he said.

He added”we know that such Kangaroo inaugurations are not uncommon with runners up in the previous Presidential Elections. It simply remains symbolic without the accompanying entitlements and privileges of a legitimate Head of State”

Therefore, any judicial officer, organiser and or media house that will participate in covering the illegitimate parallel swearing-in in Iganga or any other place, should prepare to face the consequences.
Such acts of impunity must stop in exchange for rule of law. It is illegal and treasonous

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