Interpol Sets Up Online Applications For Certificates Of Good Conduct

Uganda Police directorate of Interpol has opened online services for certificates of good conduct for Ugandans and other international nationals.

Birungi Charles,the Interpol Director said the move will help reduce the number of people who were flocking their offices in Kololo to apply for certificates of good conduct.

“We expect this new system to reduce the overcrowding but also reduce the time taken for processing the letters of good conduct to three or five days,” he said

He added that the move will also reduce the middlemen who have in the past been getting a lot of money from people looking for certificates of good conduct from Interpol.

“The new system will help applicants track and know the status of their applications.”

According to Felix Baryamwisaki, the ICT Director in the Police Force, the move was necessitated by the desire to improve service delivery.

“It is our desire to help develop applications that aid police services. The latest is an in-house application to aid people applying for certificates of good conduct,” Baryamwisaki said.

“In this regard, Interpol approached us to help them reduce the lines at their offices.”

The Interpol director said with time, they will integrate government systems so that one doesn’t need to appear at their offices for their fingerprints to be taken before being issued with a certificate of good conduct.

A police letter or certificate of good conduct is a document issued by Interpol to show that its bearer has no criminal record and employers, especially those in the Middle East countries, require these documents before admitting workers.

Applicants are asked to go to the Uganda Police website at and go to the service log to access the application forms.en

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