Health Ministry Launches Covid-19 Vaccination Camp At Kololo Grounds As Cases Surge

Uganda’s Ministry of Health has announced that it has organised a Covid-19 vaccination camp at Kololo Independence Grounds to increase access to vaccine and tame the Covid-19 surge.

This was announced by the body’s spokesperson Mr. Emmanuel Ainebyoona in Sunday’s interview.

Ainebyona said that the exercise will start on Monday and will exclusively run for 10 days.

“The exercise will run for 10 days. We are doing it as a camp to ensure no vaccines are wasted given the expiry date of July 10,” he said.

Mr Ainebyoona, however, warned those who are going for the vaccine to strictly adhere to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) such as proper use of facemasks, proper hand hygiene and maintaining social distance of about two metres, among others.

The country started Covid-19 vaccination in March after receiving 964,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine through the global sharing initiative –Covax and the Indian government.

As of Saturday (May 29, 2021), a total of 577, 036 people had been vaccinated against Covid-19, according to statistics from the health ministry.

The ministry says that currently, vaccination is open to frontline workers like healthcare workers, teachers, security officers and social workers. People with comorbidities and those 50 years and above are also being vaccinated.

A total of 46,623 cases have been confirmed in the country since March last year when the virus outbreak was confirmed in Kampala.

President Museveni in his Saturday address to the nation advised Ugandans living upcountry to avoid travelling to Kampala and Wakiso districts where he said Covid-19 cases are escalating.

“The COVID-19 problem is majorly in Kampala and Wakiso. This is because they do not listen. If you are out of Kampala and Wakiso, try to stay where you are. Avoid the capital,” Mr Museveni said.

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