Five Tortured Gen.Katumba Attackers Remanded To Kitalya Prison

Five more suspects, alleged  to have  connection to  the targeted shooting that caused the double murder of Nantongo Brenda Katumba and SGT Haruna Kayondo and the attempted murder of Gen Katumba Wamala and SGT Khalid Kuboit, have appeared before the Chief Magistrate Court in Nakawa.

They include; Kagugube Muhammad alias Musiramu alias Mugisha alias Mbavumoja, a 30 year old bodaboda rider of Kikaya, Kanyanya, Kawempe Division, Kampala District; Walusimbi Kamada alias MUDINKA, a 25 year old bodaboda rider, of Nabweru Zone II Kawempe Division, Wakiso District; Walusimbi Siriman Ayub alias Mukwasi Koja a 42 year old, peasant of Kabaganda Village, Kasangati T/C,Wakiso District; Abdulaziz Ramathan Dunku, a 46 year old Tailor and resident of Matuga, Wakiso District and Habib Ramathan Marjan a 50 year old teacher and resident of Lusanja.

This now brings the number of accused persons to 7, including Ssembula Hussein Ismail alias Imamu Muto, a 38 year old bodaboda rider of Nakuwade Village, Wakiso District and Nyanzi Yusufu Siraje a 46 year old herbalist and resident of Kyanja Village, all charged with one count of Terrorism, two counts of murder of Nantogo Brenda Katumba and SGT Haruna Kayondo and two counts of attempted murder of Gen Katumba Wamala and Sgt Khalid Kuboit.

They displayed their wounds to media at the Nakawa Magistrates Court Thursday as the magistrate Douglas Singiza took a break.

The showed media marks of beatings on their backs, legs, feet, hands and buttocks.

In total, seven suspect have been formally charged for attempted murder of Gen Katumba.

The other two are Yasin Nyanzi and Hussein Serubula who were remanded last week.

That on 1st June 2021 at Kisaasi Central Zone within Kampala, the accused attempted to murder Work’s Minister Gen Katumba.

Later the five suspects were remanded to Kitalya prisons with an order of court to receive special treatment.

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