Looking For A Trustworthy Construction Company To Complete Your Swanky Residential Or Business Apartment, Try Meera Investments Now!

With the clock ticking to make a decision that’ll vastly shape a new home, build a new building, along with a plethora of options for myriad changes to elementary facilities, with labor and construction costs continuing to rise, worry not!

Uganda has over a thousand construction companies however, only a few of them fulfil what they say, we can authoritavely reveal that Meera investments LTD is the leading company with enough experience in construction services that can not in any way be shaken by the current pandemic.

In the decades since its establishment in May 1994, Meera Investments, has built a reputation with its innovative ideas in project management services, Real estate, building trades and related engineering works.

Fruits of Meera Investments Ltd (Courtesy image)

Located at Plot 38, Crane Chamber 1st Floor, Kampala Uganda Meera embraces effective and efficient solutions in all aspects of property development from design to finish, to achievemaximum usage and productivity, which makes it the biggest landlord and the leading property developer.

More crucial, Meera investments has built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in the construction of commercial and residential structures throughout the country and as we report this, the company takes on the role of the main contractor for small to medium size projects through and coordinates specialist trades for industrial/ commercial and residential projects.

Hardware Plaza right in the heart of Kampala City (Courtesy image)

The company also provide market guidance as a value-add service to its clients such as the number of people that frequent its commercial premises per day.

Meera Investments has also built a reputation with its innovative ideas in property development and construction, throughout Uganda, has strategies through a vision of, “embracing effective and efficient solutions in all aspects of property development from design to finish, to achieve maximum usage and productivity, which makes us the biggest landlord and the leading property developer.”

The company’s track record clearly shows its vision and commitment to national economic and social development and this has been built through many years of outstanding quality and integrity in the market of commercial and residential developments in the real estate industry.

Bukoto Heights under Meera Investments

More unique from trailing property developers, Meera targets corporate objectives like;

• To improve construction quality and productivity to levels comparable with those in developed countries

• To raise capabilities and professionalism of firms and personnel in the industry, and promote the export of construction services

• To ensure building safety, well-managed and maintained buildings, and administer a progressive regulatory framework

• To build an organisation that fosters teamwork and innovation and develops our staff to their maximum potential through shared values like;
• Cohesiveness – we work together as a team
• Advancement – we advance through continuous learning

• Responsibility – we are responsible towards our staff, community and the environment

• Excellence – we strive for excellence in our service

Bukoto Living is one of Meera’s friuts

It’s worth noting that Meera takes pride in its delivery, thus its clients can always be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them all the time-try them, no regret at all!

For  details, You can visit them at Plot 38, Crane Chamber 1st Floor, Kampala Uganda. 

You can also Email them at;  info@meerainvestiments.com or/ Call them on +256 414 231 578

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