Uganda’s Oldest Political Party Launches Egumire Newspaper, Vows To Strengthen Democratic Party’s Influence

Uganda’s oldest Political Party, The Democratic Party (PD) has launched an English newspaper named Egumire.

Weve learnt that Egumire newspaper was launched by the Party’s president Nobert Mao earlier this week in what he called a “strategic step” to strengthen Democratic Party’s influence in Uganda and over the seas.

According to DP, their newspaper shall be published once a fortnight and shared online in all formats like PDF, Word and it will also have an active online presence on the website

The newspaper launch comes ahead of key party progress after the hotly contested 2020 presidential and parliamentary election that saw the Democratic Party’s great performance after a new political wave led by Robert Kyagulanyi swept most of its members to its yard.

“To develop this new newspaper is a strategic move to … further enhance our political influence and presence,” Democratic Party President Norbert Mao said at a ceremony at a Balituma DP new headquarters in Lubaga Divison, in the presence of senior DP diehard officials.

“We are striving to achieve and share the vision of DP, President Mao added, As the party of ideas, we promise to tell the truth about those who tell lies about us through Egumire channel.., Mao emphasized

The Democratic Party’s Mouthpiece , said “The Egumire Newsletter is going to act as one of such conduits that the party is going to use to thwart the myths and malicious propaganda that has been metted against the Party for now decades, we shall use it to relay our party policies and programs.

The new Egumire newsletter launched on Tuesday, July, 20 with DP National Legal Advisor Erias Luyimbazi Nalukoola photo attached to front article titled “DP condemns torture of suspects”.

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