Just In: Victoria University VC Dr Muganga Arrested

The latest information reaching our desk reveals that heavily armed gunmen have raided the Kampala road based University and hurriedly grabbed Dr. Lawrence Muganga dragged him into waiting drone vehicle before he was whisked away to unknown detention.

According to eyewitnesses,the scuffle ensued when his body guard tried to block security operatives from arresting his principal.

The onlookers like members of staff who dared to ask questions where their VC was being taken,were not spared as they were ordered to pave the way their movement.

When we contacted Deputy Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire about Mugaga’s arrest,he  feigned  ingnorance about the matter.

” I have not yet received such information apart from seeing on social media,the moment I get I will furnish you will details”,he said.Source Frank Gii.



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