Jubilant Security Guard Wins Shs50 Million From Sports Betting

Okech Cosmas, a Ugandan security guard attached to one of the security companies in Uganda has won Shs 52 million from sports betting.

Okech revealed to this website that he has been struggling financially and suffering with betting as a measure of trying to make ‘some ka’ side money but ‘waahh’ the Indian has been hitting him hard.

He says that he landed on so many testimonies on the internet about Uganda Bettors Association and decided to give it a shot. According to him, the tickets they have been giving him were all losing until he woke up on Sunday morning to a winning ticket.

Asked what he was going to use the money for, he said he will sit down for a meeting with his family and decide on where to invest the money.

He has praised Uganda Bettors Association for helping him get out of poverty.

“I joined Uganda Bettors Association 3 weeks ago and my subscription was about to expire now but today’s win has shocked me because I never expected it to happen. I staked highly because I felt like I was going to win this ticket, even when they warned me not to stake more than 30k, I broke the rules and took a risk. I staked and, in the morning, as I was logging into my account, I was shaking but when I saw my account balance, I shouted on top of my voice. I want to thank them for the odds though I never believed that I was going to win,” he said.

Okech’s ticket

Okech subscribed to the Backroom Ticket that has odds ranging from 300+ but he says, he will not quit betting, it’s rather the starting point to his gambling journey. He confessed that he will now subscribe as a lifetime member to be able to be enjoying fixed matches.

Okech now joins the que of people Uganda Bettors Association has helped in winning a lot of money in Betting.


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