Single Mother Strips Naked After Winning Millions From Sports Betting

A Uganda woman, whose identity has been confined for security reasons has won over UGX 400 million from sports betting.

According to the single mother of 3, she has been struggling to take care of her children after her husband dumped them. She says she could do any sort of job to make sure that her children go to school, eat, dress among others.

She adds that her struggle came to an end when someone convinced her to join sports betting and she landed onUganda Bettors Association. She joined the association 2 months ago and paid for a non-expiry Backroom ticket that allows one to receive games until they win a reasonable amount.

She confessed that she had never known what sports betting is and never knew that people indeed win money out of gambling.

Asked what she was going to do with her money, she said, she is yet to decide.

Recently another woman from Hoima won over 300 million from the same company.

Uganda Bettors Association has for the past few years helped struggling gamblers reclaim what they lost in Betting and many have come out publicly to make a confession and thank the betting association.

They have packages ranging from free tips, Ordinary, VIP, and VVIP. They also have a backroom ticket that has odds ranging from 300+. Their fixed games are within East Africa and to access them, one has to pay a lifetime membership

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