Uganda Losing Economic Gains, Innovativeness Due To Delayed Marijuana Licensing

From global trends, marijuana has provided a new economic frontier in countries that have seen the light and legalized the farming of the herbal weed. Marijuana or cannabis is a medicinal herb, one that industrial labs have confirmed to be the new breakthrough for medicinal innovation, research and disease treatment.

And for developing countries like Uganda that have the right climate, soils and land for growing the medicinal herb, they stand a chance to benefit from the economic gains presented by the global demand for the herb. Countries like the US, Canada and many in South America are cashing in on this opportunity.

Uganda, in the recent past has had an opportunity to be the cannabis main farmer, producer, trader and exporter of the herb but authorities are blindly sabotaging this opportunity.

Global companies have expressed interest to do medicinal marijuana business with Uganda but the ministry of health has sat on this breakthrough in the guise of undertaking policy research.

Ugandan security agencies burning cannabis

Media reports have in the recent years reported that the medicinal marijuana industry has been sabotaged by government leaders especially the Minister of Health, Dr. Ruth Aceng who hinges on regulation as a biggest challenge to deny interested companies license to invest in this lucrative business which in the shortest time possible benefits the country by rising the GDP.

“The hundreds of entities that can sprout from marijuana growth range from chemical to food through artificial flavouring or additives. The benefits of marijuana are uncountable if government of Uganda expedites the process of awarding license to interested investors, wrote media reported.

According to survey, a number of products can be got from Marijuana after it has been process to a finer material. They include; beverages and alcohol, packed foods for instance dry goods like honey, jam, spread which can be tinned, canned or jarred.

Snacks and confectionery; where you can make chocolates, brownies , cakes savory snacks which can be sold both locally and international. Pet care and food: Here, one can get medicines, drugs, supplements, pet food and nutrition. Drugs and medicine: Prescription drugs and non prescription medicines, healing ointments and oils. Raw Products and Ingredients: Raw and bulk ingredient for smoking and inhalation.

Health Care Interest

In this report we shall focus the health care interest of marijuana and how experts can focus on making drugs from the plant that treats a number of chronic diseases such as Epilepsy, diabetes, schizophrenia, glioblastoma, post-traumatic stress syndrome and Huntington diseases.

Ministry of Health in order to successfully control marijuana to ensure the efforts are concerted on its medical benefits, Dr. Aceng and her team have to control consumer demand for marijuana medical products, ascertaining evidence that marijuana can significantly reduce addiction and deaths from opioid painkillers.

Introduce strong policies and monitories agencies guiding and investors scientists where to grow and also establish industries to process this marijuana. In our survey we found out that the potential marijuana medical products have drawn interest from mainstream pharmaceutical players around the world.

Therefore, should government pass the legislation and authorize marijuana growth and processing, the country’s tax base will multiply drastically and expand the economy on top of solving the problem of unemployment.

Further the pace of innovation will quicken with scientists scrambling to develop as many products as possible.


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