Sex Worker Quits Her Job After Hitting Shs204 Million In One Day

A renowned sex worker in Kampala City has quit her night job after winning over Shs200 million from Sports betting.

Ritah (Not real name), opted to other ways of making money after her American client forced her to have anal sex with her. Rita adds that after that night, she wanted to quit prostitution but she had no other source of income.

“One night, an American client who came here for tourism forced me to accept anal sex with him, it was so painful but he had given me a lot of money, I had to endure. I talked to my friend who already quit the business on how I can also quit, and also introduce me to her new money-making business, she agreed to it. One Friday, I met her and discussed. She told me there are no other ways of making money in Uganda right now apart from Forex Trading and sports betting,” she narrated.

“So, I asked her to educate me on how to go about it since I didn’t know anything about what she was talking about. She told me many things about forex trading but on the side of betting, It was so simple and that’s why I decided to it. So, she told me, she is part of Uganda Bettors Association and that’s where she makes her money as a lifetime member. She connected me to the guys and I became a VVIP member where I got some money and joined the main family. So, during my period, I have accumulated over 200 million within a period of two months,” she continued.

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