Kungfu Law: ‘Aren’t You Ashamed Of Your False Utterance?’- Legal Rebel Isaac Ssemakadde Kicks Mahati Lawyer Kirunda For Lying About Chinese National Zong Wu’s Strange Death

Renowned lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde has lambasted his fellow counsel Robert Kirunda, for abandoning the course of justice by siding with those who afflict others, instead of seeking to help the afflicted.

Ssemakadde, who wonders whether Kirunda is a lawyer or liar, delivered his message in a long missive he published on Twitter Thread, as response to Kirunda’s utterances in the media about the questionable death of Ji Zong Wu, a Chinese who was an employee of Mahathi Infra Uganda, a subsidiary of Mahathi Infra India, a fuel transportation company.

It should be noted that Ssemakadde represents Zong Wu’s widow Wang Yong Jie, who alleges that her late husband was trafficked into Uganda and later illegally employed by Mahathi Infra Uganda, where he worked for a long time until he died under mysterious circumstances, although this is being refuted by the company through their lawyer Kirunda.

The widow sued the directors of Mahathi Infra Uganda together with former state Minister for health Captain Mike Mukula, seeking compensation for her late husband, although the company has since rejected her claims that Zong Wu was their employee and that by the time he died he wasn’t working for them.

It is this impasse that has prompted Ssemakadde to brand Kirunda a mercenary working for Mahathi Infra Uganda to hoodwink the public by lying to the press, instead of working towards helping the widow to get justice for her late husband.

“Mahathi mercenary @RKirunda LIED to the press,” Ssemakadde wrote on Twitter, adding;

“His missive about Ji Zong Wu contains a lot of CONTRADICTIONS: a shameless attempt at being DIVERSIONARY.”

The lawyer gives seven reasons why he believes that Kirunda is lying to the public about the Mahathi Infra case and below is his argument reproduced verbatim;

FIRST: It does not matter what business the company does. The issue is about the employment conditions in its business model.

SECONDLY: What they are “Doing For Us” — my foot! Nothing is being done for us by this Mahathi group of economic hitmen. Building an oil deport and lake transport system is actually what responsible governments do. Amin did it! AMIN BUILT THE DEPOT AT JINJA.

They were actually supposed to be 4 spread across the country, but the other three were never completed by the time he left.

For a former minister to be associated with hyped privatization of a strategic national asset, shows his own ignorance.

In a bid to get rich quick after the BushWar, @NRMOnline cronies set up their own fuel stations in the 90s and took large amounts of fuel from the national reserves at Jinja on credit, and never paid for it, or replaced it. Hence creating the distortion that invited these Cuckoos.

So Mahathi is not “helping” Uganda, but simply TAKING ADVANTAGE of a strategic crisis created by the junta. They aren’t doing us a favour: they didn’t come from Hyderabad out of goodness of heart. Like any other neocolonial venture, they’re here to make insane, illegal profit.

In our case, as a neo-colonial economy, this means TAKING ADVANTAGE of our weak institutions — @NRMOnline, @StateHouseUg, @Parliament_Ug, @MEMD_Uganda, #UNOC, @BugandaOfficial, #Media etc; and of small people, African or not. Look at the MONOPOLY owners of “a national resource!

THIRD: The absence of records regarding Mr Ji is the entire point of human trafficking and servitude: deniability, and the chance to cover up. Points 8 & 9 show that Mahathi not only knew of Mr Ji, but also had need of his skills. “Wonderful” ships don’t build themselves, do they?”

Counsel Isaac Ssemakadde with Ji Zong Wu’s widow

Wondering whether Kirunda is a lawyer or liar, Counsel Ssemakadde says;

“Quiet, Kirunda is a lawyer. But when he opens his mouth, it’s hard to tell as he’s always dithering between Christian fundamentalism and political punditry. His obsession with contractors and subcontractors in this case would have been comical, if he weren’t also a “law don”.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry at law school is taught: ‘Qui facit per alium facit per se’ — He who acts through another does the act himself.

Whatever Mahathi can do itself, can be done through an agent or so-called ‘independent contractor’. But doesn’t this card speak for itself?

FOURTH: Being a lousy lawyer, @RKirunda didn’t even check with the city mortuary where he’d have discovered the all-informative postmortem report. Thus he defamed the widow of Mr Ji, by recklessly claiming that she hadn’t sought police investigation into the death of her husband!

FIFTH: Completely UNHINGED, and DISRESPECTFUL of the widow’s grief and memory of her husband, @RKirunda brandished a FALSE medical history of Mr Ji — accusing him of ‘suffering from an auto-immune disease’ yet @IHK_Uganda had ruled this out. His ‘CONDOLENCES’ were therefore FAKE!!

SIXTH: I recoil at the thought of how misguided @RKirunda and his crooked clients were as to think that @PoliceUg could somehow be ‘motivated’ to ‘lock me up’ on trumped up charges vide GEF 1021/2021 belatedly registered, in panic, on Friday at Kibuli CID HQ. I’ll tell you more…

SEVENTH: Was it a COINCIDENCE that Mahathi decided to launch its flagship MT KABAKA MUTEBI II on SEPT 11, 2021 (9/11) — the anniversary of the deadliest attack in world history (2996 DEAD) and same day Mr Ji was confirmed DEAD?

Probably, but still, investigate human sacrifice.



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