Premier Recruitment Seeks Taxi Drivers, Cleaners, General Assistants, Cargo Loaders, Airport Handles & Warehouse Workers To Work In Middle East

Labour export company Premier Recruitment Limited has received an order to recruit male taxi drivers, cleaners, general assistants, cargo loaders, airport handles and warehouse workers who will be employed to work in Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.

The Capital Times have learnt that Premier Recruitment, a subsidiary of the Ruparelia Group, is already receiving and conducting interviews to pick the best qualifying applicants.

Those who will be lucky to get selected and travel to either Qatar, Abu Dhabi or Dubai will earn a monthly salary ranging from 1-3m; get free meals, accommodation, and medical care.

The basic requirements ahead of the interviews are the CV, a passport, registration fees, ability to drive an automatic car (for drivers), and HIV free.

Premier Recruitment continues to emerge as the most preferred labour export company in Uganda having signed contracts with various employers in UAE, Oman, and Qatar.

Recently, it launched a countrywide sensitization campaign aimed at promoting transparency in the labour externalization sector.

The campaign launched in western Uganda districts of Mbarara, Bushenyi, Kazo, and Kiruhura teaches Ugandans about the procedures, processes, and costs involved when someone is seeking employment abroad.


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