The Story Of A Poor Man From Bukedea Who Has Accumulated Over Shs 500 Million In Less Than a Year

In December 2020, a man in the Eastern part of the country, Bukedea sold his Motorcycle (Bajaj) at Shs3.5 million to bet on the Champions League game between Bayern Munchen (Munich) against Atletico De Madrid.

With Bayern having an odd 3, the passionate punter expected a whooping Shs10 million, unfortunately, the game didn’t go his way. The motorcycle disappeared within a blink of an eye after the game ended in a 1-all draw.

However, losing this ticket was a head start to his financial journey after he was picked up by the Uganda Bettors Association who gave him a relief of Shs500,000 and initiated him into the association.

He was given ‘a VVIP special treat’ and that was a start to his journey of financial happiness. After winning his first ticket, he thought of quitting but the winning was irresistible prompting him to become a permanent member.

Despite having losing tickets, his winning record has been incredible.

“I lost several times and decided to stop betting even when these guys were sending me games and calling me to bet. I ignored them but they kept me on pressure asking me to at least have hope that the jack pot is about to be hit. So, for the past few weeks, I have been doing well, winning a lot that has changed my life drastically. I have now bought two cars and all my cars will have Uganda Bettors Association sticker. I am out of words but these guys have changed my life,” he said in a telephone interview with this reporter.

After becoming a permanent member, he now focuses on making maximum profits with the company’s fixed games.

According to him, these games give a punter a 0.001% chance of losing.

He revealed to us about his ongoing program in Mbale where he is opening up one of the biggest supermarkets in the Eastern Part of the country including one of the biggest well stocked pharmacies in Mbale.

When contacted for a comment, the Ag, Chairperson of UBA said that betting with them has become so easy in a way that, gamblers no longer have to scratch their heads on what team or option to bet on.

He says that packages with high winning chances have helped punters to regain all they have lost in betting.

According to him, VVIP package is always reserved for big investors who want to make big profits from low risk odds. Backroom is a package with ODDS ranging from 300 above and its where 90% of their subscribers fall.

They also secured fixed games and these games are only available to their lifetime members

He also asked those who want to join the association to join with two things in mind, there are good days and bad days in gambling. Not every day is a party day.

Whoever is interested in joining should visit their website here Uganda Bettors Association


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