Confession: ‘My Husband Keeps Being Promoted ~He Doesn’t Know It’s Because I Bonk His Boss’

Most people like it when their partner gets a promotion at work.

However, one woman has shocked the internet by revealing just exactly why she gets so excited when her partner gets another promotion at his job.

The wife shared the confession with popular Twitter account Fesshole, which sees people anonymously share their deepest and darkest secrets.

The woman said: “My husband has been given several promotions at his work and thinks it’s because he’s earned them.

Many people were stunned over the woman’s behaviour as one exclaimed: “You sound nice.”

A second agreed, sarcastically adding: “She’s a keeper alright.”

Many speculated that her husband could actually know what she’s up to though.

One wrote: “Be funny if he knew and decided he was getting the better end of the deal all round.”

While another added: “He knows and he’s into it. Everyone’s a winner.”

A third chimed in: “Hopefully he knows and is hiding money in a secret account for post-divorce spends.”

Writing into the site, she admitted that her husband keeps getting promotions because she is actually having sex with his boss.


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