Another Terror Suspect Escapes Police Raid; Landlord Arrested

The joint security forces have arrested a landlord to one of the terror suspects linked to the Komamboga pork joint, and swift bus bombings that left two people dead and others injured.

The landlord identified as Umar Kaggwa, was arrested for harboring the dangerous suspect at his home in Kireka Bbira, being in possession of a bomb, and as to whether he has any connections to the radical ADF linked groups, in the country.

Police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga noted that the Kaggwa’s arrest followed a raid carried out by a joint counter-terror tactical teams on November, 4 at around 11.30pm, at his (Kaggwa) home where he was harboring the terror suspect, identified as Muwonge Yusuf, a 28 year old, male adult.

The home is located in Kireka Bbira Village, Nakaboga Parish, and in Wakiso district.

Enanga noted that the dangerous terrorist, Muwonge, escaped moments before the raid on his hideout.

Below Is a Full Uganda Police Force Statement

At around 11:30pm on 4th November 2021, the joint counter-terror tactical teams carried out a raid at the home of Kaggwa Umar in Kireka Bbira village, Nakaboga parish in Wakiso district.

He was suspected to have been harbouring on of the most wanted terror suspects identified as Muwonge Yusuf, a 28-year- old male adult linked to the bombings in Komamboga, Ttula Kawempe, and on Swift Safaris.

“We believe the dangerous terrorist, Muwonge Yusuf, escaped moments before the raid on his hideout. He however, abandoned an assembled improvised electronic device, which appeared ready for planting,” the police spokesperson said.

The explosive device was disrupted by the bomb experts and rendered safe. It is said to have had an electronic detonator, main charges, ball bearing nails, batteries, black insulator tapes and a switch. Police say the hallmarks were similar to the detonated improvised electronic devices in Ttula Kawempe, Komamboga and the Swift Safaris bus.

“We have launched a serious manhunt for Muwonge Yusuf, who appears to have been operating in the same domestic terror cell, with Matovu Isaac alias Muzafaru, the suicide bomber, he said.”

He went on to describe the suspect saying, “He is in a hyper mood, and has shifted from Lweeza where he was staying with Matovu Isaac, moved to Wamala Katooke, Nansana and his last hideout in Kireka-Bbira.”

Police warn anyone who will be found harbouring or aiding Muwonge Yusuf that they shall face serious consequences.
The landlord, Umar Kaggwa, has been arrested for harbouring a dangerous suspect in his home in Kireka-Bbira, being in possession of a bomb and suspected of having connections to the radical ADF linked groups in Uganda.

Several arrests and recoveries of dangerous weapons have so far been made following the ongoing operations to counter all forms of terror. Police wants to reassure the general public that it is doing everything possible to ensure their peace, security and safety while urging them to report any suspicious activity.
“ We further urge them to report and suspicious activity to 112 or 999 or 0800199699 as they go about their normal business,” Enanga cautioned the public.


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