Just In: Ugandan Man Chased From His Village After Mysteriously Becoming Rich

There was drama in Gulu when a one Ivan Opoka was chased from his village after he won more than Shs500 million from Fortebet.

Opoka, with the help of Uganda Bettors Association, placed a moving ticket of over 20 teams and on the final day, all the 4 teams made a positive result.

On receiving the winnings, Opoka went back to his village with a bag of money, which scared his village mates.

According to Denis Ochaya, the area LC1, Opoka disappeared from the village for about 6 months after he spent his tuition on gambling, only to return with that huge amount of money. He adds that they are still investigating how and where he stole the money or who he sacrificed to get such amount.

When contacted, Opoka insisted that he won all this money from betting. He revealed to this site his ticket and how he received the tips from Uganda Bettors Association.

He insisted that he has spent over 2 months betting with Uganda Bettors Association after joining the Backroom team. However, he is no longer a wanted man from his village until he proves beyond reasonable doubt that he got the money in a legitimate manner.

Uganda Bettors Association has helped many punters gain and regain a lot from sports betting with their accurate betting tips. Opoka is not the only one to win with their odds, the association has been on news for helping fanatically stranded people.

They are the only legit source for all your fixed games with honesty and accuracy.

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