Carry Books In Polythene Papers: Police Suspends Bags At MUBS Over Endless Bomb Blasts

In a bid to curb the escalating bomb threats in Uganda most especially in the capital Kampala, Uganda Police Force has issued an order to Makerere University Business School (MUBS) students against carrying bags in the institution.

According to the statement dated 15th November 2021, students at the above institution with effect from tomorrow, Wednesday will not be allowed within the university premises with bags.
”MUBS, like any other public place, is accessed by all sorts of people from different places and with different motives. Considering the current terrorism threats in the country, security is making all efforts possible to protect everyone both within and outside the University,” says police in the statement.

Police orders, ”Bags have been declared a serious security threat to students and non-students during this harsh period. Therefore, this is to inform all students that with Effect from 17″ – November- 2021 (Wednesday) security will not allow bags to enter MUBS gates until further notice.”

Police letter to all students at MUBs

Not only the above but the force further says that aIl businesses carried out at the main gate are also suspended.

Meanwhile, the statement notes that only light transparent clear bags for books and laptop bags will be allowed inside the University.

The development follows dual bomb explosions that ripped through the city at two different locations on Tuesday morning.

The first explosion went off at Constitutional Square and minutes later another one exploded at Parliament Avenue hitting the Jubilee Insurance Building that also houses the Inspector General of Government offices.

Helpless Uganda Police Force officers hit by bomb blat near Central Police Station in Kampala (photo taken on November 16, 2021)

At least three people have been confirmed dead on spot and 33 others injured in these twin suicide bombings, police said, the latest in a string of attacks over the past month.

“So far 33 are injured and five are critically injured,” police spokesman Fred Enanga told a press conference on Tuesday, adding that the attacks were carried out by three suicide bombers.


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