Security Exposes Top Radical Opposition Activist Behind PlanB & Illegal Political Activities

Following the recently contested 2021 General Election, where the opposition politicians lost miserably to NRM candidate Yoweri Museveni, several militant and political criminal gangs and so-called vigilante movements are “aggressively stepping up the search for new members by recruiting youths in Kampala slum areas with an objective of disrupting the swearing in Ceremony of H.E the President.

According to a reliable sources, the top NUP opposition protest coordinators are Cyrus Ssambwa Kasato Nansana Municipality elected Councilor, Kizza Hakim, District Councilor Elect for Lubaga North, Nusifa Nakato District Councilor Elect for Kawempe and Ssentamu Mukasa Ssewandagi NUP activist among others are extensively mobilizing criminals under the guise of a political outfit.

This highly radicalized National Unity Platform-NUP group has been conducting training and strategizing meetings with desperate and unsuspecting youths in a hotel along Rubaga road in Rubaga Division, with an aim of destabilizing the country while the police is doing nothing.

These youths are said to be armed with very dangerous weapons like catapults, wielding machetes, axes, and other crude weapons ready to cause mayhem.

Nusifa Nakato has been funding several media houses and journalist to spread false and malicious messages against government, among the journalist are Williams Kato NTV Uganda Assignments Editor & Akawungeezi Producer, Daily Monitor journalist Derrick Wandera among others to write and hype fabricated stories on how government is mistreating NUP supporters.

Notwithstanding police crackdowns, Ssentamu Ssewandagi NUP media activist enjoy impunity for violations perpetrated through the media, Ssewandagi NUP while appearing on BBS Terefayina program ‘Namukwakkula’ hosted by Mutale Ttendo among other social media platforms has been circulating negative and sectarian propaganda.

He similarly, labels every situation as an ethnic and tribal affair with an aim of mobilizing anti-government activities along ethnic lines and to ultimately generate anger among section of the public.

Unlike the November 2020, protests which were built on single selective persons Cyrus Kasato, in a recent a television breakfast programme, was seen mobilizing the public in mass for a protest that will later be coordinated by their already structured committees with each one assigned its own role.

According to pundits a consignment of several factories that are making catapults in Kampala city which are believed to have been imported into the country by negative elements as tools of violence, are linked to the group. The group is also said to be behind the kidnap and killings of girls and women around the city.

It is now an open secret plan B originally authored by Col Kizza Besigye is now being followed to the letter by NUP. It is not uncommon to hear NUP leaders urging its members to sustain the struggle, ’’´Teli kuzikiza’’.

No wonder during the recent death of Bishop Cyprian Kizzito Lwanga, Col. Kizza Besigye and Hon Robert Kyagulanyi were quick to accuse Government to account for the death of Bishop, only to be embarrassed later by Church authorities which forced Besigye to shamelessly apologize.

Uganda is for all of us and we don’t have any other country to run to in times of animosity, we should therefore not allow illegality to thrive in our peaceful country at the watch of Uganda police.



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