Uganda Land Commission Boss Beatrice Byenkya Interdicted Over Alleged Corruption

Uganda Land Commission Chairperson Beatrice Byenkya Nyakayisiki has been interdicted over alleged ‘kawukumi’ in her office.

This was revealed in a letter written by the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Betty Kamya to Judith Nalule Nabakooba who is the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development.

Kamya was responding to Nabakooba’s letter in which she asked the office of IGG to investigate the conduct of the Chairperson, Uganda Land Commission.

”Reference is made to your letter dated 12th October 2021 regarding the above-captioned subject. Further reference is made to a Resolution dated 7th October 2021 by the Commissioners of Uganda Land Commission asking the Inspectorate of Government (IGG) to investigate the conduct of the Chairperson, Uganda Land Commission,” letter partially reads.

Few months ago, Minister Judith Nabakooba suspended the top leadership of the Uganda Land Commission over corruption and bribery and declared herself as the head of the Commission.

Nabakooba then revealed that the suspension was after the IGG investigation called for an administrative standoff between the Chairperson and other Commissioners.“In order to restore normality in the short term, I have taken the following steps; I decided to temporarily assume the duties of managing the Commission as we establish the true genesis of the problems,” said Nabakooba then in a letter to the President.

Nabakooba also told the President that she asked the Auditor General to carry out a forensic audit of all key transactions by the Commission and submit a report quickly.

“Further, I have requested the Inspector General of Government to carry out an investigation into alleged cases of abuse and misuse of Commission resources,” she said adding that findings of the report will guide the process of restoring order and normal functioning of the Commission.

Now, IGG has responded to Nabakooba saying, ”preliminary investigations in the management of the Uganda Land Commission based on the above documents provide sufficient ground for the Inspectorate of Government (IG) to continue with the investigations to their logical conclusion.”

It is, therefore, necessary that Hon. Beatrice Byenkya, the Chairperson of Uganda Land Commission steps aside so that she is not able to interfere with the investigations.”

IGG further notes that the public interest demands that a public officer under investigation for abuse of office be interdicted from exercising powers and functions of her/his office for fear that she might interfere with investigations.


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