How a P5 Drop Out Made Over Shs50 Million Within 3 Months

Hello world, my name is Andrew Tumusiime and am 25 years old.

Over the past years, I have been struggling financially given the fact that I come from a poor family. I dropped out in P.5 and life was hard for me. I used to do petty jobs just to feed myself while waiting for the day to die because I was just useless.

One day, a friend of mine came to our construction site where I was helping to mix concrete, he pitied us and gave us the idea of getting quick money in a legit manner without a huge hustle, most of my friends rubbished this idea but being in ‘a money desperate situation’, I decided to follow his advise.

He briefed me about how he has been winning a lot of money from betting and how it has changed his life from zero.

He recalls subscribing to Uganda Bettors Association with only Shs60,000 per month because he had fear that this was a scam but after two months, he upgraded to a lifetime subscription where he was able to start receiving fixed games.

So, with his advice on taking up any package, I decided to go with the package of Shs120,000 (VIP) per month and within that month, I was able to see magic within that month. That’s when I came to believe that these things work! I upgraded my subscription to a better package and since July, I have accumulated over 50 million in terms of savings and am leaving a better life now.

If you all believe that online things are about scams, then you won’t make it in this digital world, shoot your shot and give it a try.

I ask whoever is interested to join these guys, please these guys are genuine and even if you fear, try an ordinary package of 60k and see how it works.

Click here to contact them on WhatsApp or Go to their website Uganda Bettors Association

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