Luxurious Forest Cottages Slashes Swimming Rates In Mega Festive Season Give Away

Swimming is a great recreational activity for people of all ages as it provides you with a low-impact workout and it’s a good way to relax and feel good. Whether you are attending a pool party, spending a week on a cruise, or boating at your cottage, being able to swim means that you can do more and enjoy it further.

For this same reason, Forest Cottages – an eco-friendly boutique hotel in Kampala has unveiled new rates for access to its solar-heated swimming pool to allow its loyal clients unwind off the week’s stress and regain lost calories with freshened minds.

In the new rates announced, the hotel has slashed its membership fees with Kids now paying just Shs 10,000 on a daily basis, Shs 200k monthly and Shs 2 million yearly. and adults 20k on a daily basis, 200k and 2 million yearly.  For families, a crazy package awaits you at only 350k monthly and shs 2.5 million for a full year access to the hotel’s swimming pool any day, anytime.

Forest Cottages’ new Swimming Pool Rates

Why Swimming is important for oneself

Flexibility:– Swimming at Forest Cottages is a great way to kill time on a hot day and there are so many games, activities, and pass-times that swimming is essential. Swimming will by no means make you a contortionist, but it will help you stay flexible. When you swim, you are stretching and twisting various muscles which helps them remain limber.

It’s a Great Work Out:- Swimming will help you with a full-body workout that strengthens everything from your core to your arms and legs. This is because you are constantly moving and are using almost every muscle – your legs are kicking, your arms paddling your back is twisting with each stroke and your core is tightening, to keep you afloat and move more effectively.

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Forest Cottages Swimming Pool

Improve Your Heart and Lungs:- Like any aerobic exercise, when you swim, your muscles need more energy. When this happens, you are strengthening your heart and lungs as well as improving your circulation. Aerobic exercises, like swimming, make your heart and lungs work harder which strengthens them and makes them more efficient.

Relieves Stress: Exercise, in general, is good for your mental well-being as it releases endorphins which are a feel-good chemical your brain produces. On top of this, swimming has meditative qualities – the rhythm of your strokes and breathing along with the sound of water, can further add to a feeling of peace and relaxation. No wonder people love swimming!

In a conversation with Daily Express, the management of Forest Cottages revealed that its clients booking for these new rates at the hotel get exclusive access to its swimming pool and additional health club facility that includes a spa mania, steam, and sauna bath, and a gym on a complimentary basis.

Forest Cottages’ new Swimming Pool Rates

All pools at Forest Cottages have certified lifeguards when they are in use. Our pools are suitable for all levels of swimmers. The Courtyard pool is the central point of the complex. It is 25m in length; ideal for laps, sunbathing or just relaxing and being served by our stewards. The Family Pool has a splash pool ideal for toddlers built within it. It is well shaded and an ideal venue for family pool parties.

The hotel is located in a quiet part of the suburb of Bukoto, where one feels soaked in a tropical rainforest that many visitors never get to see – especially, when its less than a 30-minute drive from the bustling central business district and of course, not forgetting the experience of watching troops of monkeys and over twenty bird species such as colored Turacos, Hornbills at eye level every morning as you take on your breakfast.

To make a reservation for the scientific wedding reception, visit or contact them on +256 752 711 746. Or +256 707 780 371

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 18:00 hrs daily.


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