We Are Not Dumping Soil In Lake Victoria, Ruparelia Group Refutes Malicious Allegations

Ruparelia Group of Companies have rubbished and distanced selves from circulating malicious allegations that they dump soil into lake Victoria in the construction of Kitubulu, Speke Resort Entebbe project

For over week, a video captured by a woman showed soil allegedly dumped near the lake by trucks.

However, the Managing Director of Ruparelia Group of companies, Rajiv Ruparelia confirmed that they were working within the acceptable confines of the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and the width of their land.

The place under development is Kitubulu formerly Ssese Gateway beach, located in Katabi Town Council in Entebbe.

“The video alleging we are filling part of the lake with soil is not true. It is being played by selfish politicians,” Rajiv said during a press conference held at Kitubulu.

Rajiv Ruparelia addressing the media on allegations

“When you take a look at our title, we have not entered even an inch into the lake. In fact the lake ate into our acreage that we had at the time of purchasing this land but we won’t extend it,” Rajiv said adding they are one of the prominent groups acclaimed for environmental protection.

According to Rajiv, whatever is said and circulated on social media is propaganda because the project will enormously benefit the community of Katabi.
“This propaganda was done by a Lady called Assumpta Nakamya, who circulated the video online spreading false accusations with no documented proof hence spoiling the economic opportunities and people’s livelihoods the project will provide,” Rajiv added.

Rajiv Ruparelia (second right) and other officials take a tour at the Speke Resort Entebbe Project in Kitubulu on Friday

Rajiv added that the project investment value of USD 100 million dollars will upon completion give a lot of employment opportunities to the Ugandan population hence reducing the employment gap.
“The project will have a huge impact to the economy by increasing the countries revenues through its state of the art facilities that will significantly promote the hospitality industry,” he said.

Ruperelia group announced ground leveling currently being done was paving ground for a Shs 3.6 trillion leisure and accommodation park that will be known as the Speke Resort Convention Centre Entebbe.

Ruparelia Group says they are confirmed that they were working within the acceptable confines of the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and the width of their land

It will be a 350 room resort and convention centre, with 4 restaurants, marina for 50 boats, 10 presidential suites, Convention Centre with carrying capacity of 3500 persons, additional conference facilities of upto 1500 persons, small conference and meeting facilities, 3 wedding grounds and parking space for 1500 cars.

Residents of Kitubulu who donned white t-shirts said they welcomed the ongoing developments.

“Our economy wants more investments. There should not be any sabotage,” they said.

Residents of Kitubulu donned in white t-shirts says they welcomed the ongoing developments

NEMA issued a 99 year long certificate dated July 17 to Speke Resort Convention Centre Entebe clearing use of 15 acres of land at Kitubulu, Katabi Town Council Entebbe.

Ruparelia Group is involved in education, real estate development and management, hotels, resorts, floriculture and broadcasting among others.As of February 2018, Ruparelia Group was listed with investments mainly involved in education, real estate development and management, hotels, resorts, floriculture, and broadcasting. Sudhir Ruparelia, the Group’s founder and chairman, is the majority shareholder in the companies that comprise the group.

In November 2012, Forbes Magazine estimated his net worth at US$900 million, making him the wealthiest individual in Uganda at the time.



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