Ugandan MP Wins Over Shs 500 Million From Sports Betting, Donates All Winnings To His Community

There was joy in one of the communities in Uganda when the area member of parliament won Shs576 million from sports betting.

The donations were made in form of cash, and household items like soap, sugar, salt, mattresses, bedsheets, blankets, goats among other items that excited the community.

The legislator, who preferred anonymity revealed that he has been hearing stories of people winning money from this game but he had never believed that such things exists prompting him to give it a short.

According to him, he never had any time to analyze these games and reached out to one of the betting tips experts in Uganda to help him with accurate tips.

On receiving the odds which were tallying to 30, he staked 1 million without hesitation and all the odds won. He then requested the team to give him an odd which has a guaranteed win tallying to at least 100 and paid the tipsters whatever amount they had requested to make this happen. A few days later, they returned to him with the good news that they had secured a fixed game in East Africa and gave him all the quotations which he swiftly responded to.

“So, this is what happened exactly; they called me very early in the morning explaining to me all that I wanted to know about these sure games and told me all that I needed to be able to make it out of this game. First things first! They asked me to have an account with Bet365 and get a prepaid card with United Bank of Africa (UBA), I thought this was all a scam because they started talking about bank issues. I payed attention to all they told me,” he narrated.

“The game was to end in a correct score of 4-3 but to make it to the odd of 480 that was required, the game had to end 2-2 half time, and the home team would come to win the game by 4-3. They told me to build this bet using Bet365, which they explained to me keenly. I built the bet and staked 254 pounds and the winnings were around 121,900 pounds and at exactly 18:00 hours, the ticket had already won,” he narrated with a sweet winning voice.

“When I first visited this website, I read about their fixed games and wanted to confirm the reality because if they had told me that they have a game, for example, West Brom Vs QPR, I would have blocked them immediately because it’s impossible to buy an European game when these guys earn millions per week. What will you give them in order to buy them? Let’s say you are buying only a single player to get a red card, they earn 60k pounds on average per week, how much are you going to offer them? Even if they wanted to bet on themselves to get cards, they would do so to get that extra money. So when they revealed to me their games, I was surprised and just gave it a shot. These guys are legit!” he exclaimed.

He has now vowed to work with the tipsters to make sure that he always gets that extra money for other essential activities without relying directly to lobbying.

Whoever is interested in working with this team, please visit their website here: Kings of Fixed Games in Africa


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