War On Terror! Open Letter To Hon Betty Nambooze

By Namboozo Patience

While appearing on the popular NBS TV  Barometer programme recently, Honourable you were skeptical about how President Museveni was able to identify the names of the terrorists that attacked and some who died in recent bombings in the country. Well, question no more.

The president is the biggest consumer of security and intelligence information. During his most recent national address on matters of Covid- 19 and security, he made that fact clear to all. It’s a privilege he enjoys by virtue of his office. His information is sourced meticulously, if I may add, and in this case he stated how security landed on the identities of the attackers.

For clarity on information about the names of the terrorists who perished in the bomb explosions and others at large, it was supplied by Musa Mudasiri, the would-be detonator of the third bomb who was cornered at his hideout in Katooke, Nansana.

Unfortunately, he died soon after in circumstances related to the nature of his “work” which couldn’t allow security the luxury of arresting him with dignity and safety.

It’s not to say that security would just take his word for gospel truth; there is a way to ascertain facts with further research. By the time information is publicized, it’s reasonably accurate.

If you, Hon. Nambooze, are privileged with a different set of facts, you should come forward and supply them to security for the sake of Ugandans. They should be accompanied with evidence of how the information was acquired since security is furnished with means to do a more effective job than an individual. It would be a big challenge, indeed, but also rewarding as you would earn heroic points!

My humble appeal to you is that let us, for once, consider ourselves as one person. Terrorism is a common danger to us all. When a bomb explodes, all of those found within the affected area are equally injured irrespective of their different backgrounds and affiliations.

In a family, even where there are internal differences, when a snake makes its way into the house, they put aside their differences and join forces in combating the enemy (snake).

Thus, I beseech you and the entire opposition fraternity to join in with government and security to undo the evil that has invaded the pearl of Africa.

Uganda is well known globally as a land of peace and stability. And it is a mark we shouldn’t trade or lose at any cost.

Thank you! For God and My Country!
The author is an NRM cadre and former parliamentary contestant for Bulambuli Woman Mp.
Contact: 0703798786/0779120478
Email: Patiencenambozo78@gmail.com


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