Goma Residents Protest Deployment Of Rwanda Police In Deadly Street Battles

Violent protests have broken out in Goma,  Eastern Democratic Congo (DRC), with demonstrators challenging plans by the Rwandan government to deploy police forces in their city.

Protesters hurled bricks at law enforcement personnel and even lit bonfires in the streets to show their dissatisfaction at reports that the police institutions of Rwanda and DRC agreed to deploy Rwandan forces in Goma.

The protesters say Rwanda’s deployment in their country has caused enormous destruction of property and millions of deaths.

They are also protesting against increased cases of insecurity such as robberies, kidnappings and murders.
A civilian and a police officer were killed in today’s street battles.

Rwanda National Police (RNP) last week said it had reached a deal to allow to Rwanda and DRC’s police to “join efforts against transnational organized crime and terrorism; smuggling and trafficking in narcotics and psychotropic substances as well as their precursors; currency counterfeiting and the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.”


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