Kabira Country Club Unveils Unbeatable Beer Bucket Promo; Get 3 ‘Banange Beers’ At Only UGX 30k

Kabira Country Club, Kampala’s multi-award-winning boutique hotel is having a mega package dubbed “Beer Bucket” which will see its seasonal clients enjoy the finest beers throughout the month of January at reduced rates.

Through its social media handles, Kabira Country Club announced that every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday three bottles of Specialized ‘Banange’ beer are sold at a discounted rate of UGX 30,000, but you can also get four local beers of your choice still at the same price (UGX 30,000). The offer, according to the hotel runs until the end of January.

“Happy New year Banange! Is it really a new year if you haven’t tasted Banange Beer at The Pub yet? It is locally brewed and very affordable. Come by with friends and clear these buckets,” announced the hotel.

Just like its name “Kabira” literary meaning “Little Forest”, Kabira Country Club is home to a trouble-free paradise whose tropical flora is a green dance to its surrounding birdsong. The hotel offers an intimate and imitable paradise in its newly renovated rooms, designed to complement its natural environment and complement your good taste in enjoying its offerings.

With an inspiring array of event spaces, Kabira Country Club has all the amenities and luxuries to ensure your special occasions, including weddings and business get-togethers, meet with the highest standards.

Kabira Country Club has a relaxing and comfortable natural environment that will really give you a thrilling moment while at the pub, a multi-cuisine restaurant, or bar while being showered by the fresh air from the trees surrounding the hotel.

The hotel also has a pub that overlooks the swimming pool and the courtyard extending from the restaurant, bar, and coffee shop, giving a relaxing outdoor informal dining experience. Its proximity to the playroom and the swimming pool makes it ideal for all to dine. The hotel’s restaurant has a variety of drinks call it multi-cuisine with continental, African and Indian drinks located on the ground floor where calmness is the deal of the day.

For inquires on the prices and how to make reservations for this ‘Bnange Beer Bucket offer, contact Kabira Country Club on +256 312 227222 or +256 752 711 730.


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