MPs, Top Gov’t Officials Want Exemption From Entebbe Expressway Toll Fees

The minister of works and transport, Gen Katumba Wamala has revealed that some government officials have applied to be exempted from paying toll fees to use Kampala – Entebbe expressway.
As a result, MPs also want to use the road at a zero cost.

The minister made the revelation recently while appearing before the parliament’s committee on physical infrastructures to present his ministry’s budget framework paper for the next financial year.

Uganda a few weeks ago commenced collection of road toll fees along the Kampala- Entebbe Expressway, a major and quicker gateway to the country’s only international Airport.

Whereas Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) reported a bumper harvest on the road having collected 250 million shillings in the first three days, the minister of works and transport told parliament that some government officials have applied to be exempted from paying tolls.

Only three categories of vehicles including Presidential convoy, Ambulances and firefighters are allowed to use the expressway at zero cost, but some members of parliament want the speaker of parliament to ensure that they also get immunity from paying the toll fees.

The toll collections are managed by French firm Egis Operations SPA. UNRA contracted the firm at a cost of shillings 122billion for maintenance and tolling operations for five years.

Meanwhile, appearing before the parliamentary committee of physical infrastructure, Katumba decried poor budget performance that has bogged down several road construction projects.

He said several road projects have stalled due to lack of money and UNRA can’t take on new projects.


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