Exposed: How Ugandan Revellers Diddle Bar Owners Through Airtel Money Fraud

There is a new form of fraud in Kampala which is being perpetrated by revellers at bars that accept payments for services using Airtel money.

Our investigators reveal that these fraudulent revellers enjoy services at bars, then pay for the same using Airtel money but later reverse the transactions after leaving the bar, thereby causing a loss to the owner.

This form of fraud has been detected mainly in bars and restaurants in places like Bugolobi, Kololo, Kitintale, Kabalagala among other areas.

It is for that reason that today we expose some of the culprits perpetrating this fraud in areas of Bugolobi and to warn all bar owners in the area to watch out for the owners of the following mobile phone numbers;

The owner of mobile phone number 0752664804, registered in names of Betty Nakiwala, enjoyed services at a bar in Bugolobi on Saturday night March 28, 2022 and paid Shs12,000 and Shs 18,000 respectively via Airtel money.

Airtel money messages confirming payment of the said funds

However, a few moments after the person had left the bar, they initiated a reversal transaction No. 68536281651 and No. 68536425738 via Airtel money and the money was returned to their account.

A reversal transaction via Airtel money and the money was returned to their account

Another culprit identified as Vanis Safari, of telephone number 0701730743, who enjoyed services at the same bar on Sunday March 6th, 2022 and paid Shs 80,000 via Airtel money.

However, a few hours later he contacted Airtel money and asked the company to cancel the transaction and reverse the money to his account vide reversal request No. 677997723697, which was done as evidenced in the mobile money messages below indicating the transactions.

All bar operators and mangers are thus cautioned to look out for the above-named individuals and others who are perpetrating this kind of fraud and mobile money operators are also urged to cooperate with business owners in a bid to fight this fraud.

The affected bar operators fault Airtel Money for being in cahoots with these fraudsters because when they were contacted, the company staff promised to investigate the matter but to date they have never done anything about it.

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