Mini Little Miss Africa Tyra Abok Commends Ruparelia Foundation For Sponsoring Her Trip To Dubai

Reigning Mini Little Miss Africa Tyra Abok, has commended Ruparelia Foundation for sponsoring her trip to Dubai where she became the first little beauty queen to represent Uganda at the Little Miss United World Beauty Pageant.

Recently, the Ruparelia Foundation gave a helping hand to this budding model with $1500 (about Shs5.4 million) support which she says was a miraculous support that unlocked her gates to Little Miss United World Beauty Pageant.

Mini Little Miss Africa Tyra Abok on board

Tyra Abok is not the first one to get the foundation’s sponsorship, young star fresh kid and Felista de superstar are well known beneficiaries of Sudhir’s Ruparelia Foundation.

”I thank God that am the first little beauty queen to represent Uganda in the international level and i didn’t let my country down, but all this wouldn’t have been possible if Ruparelia Foundation hadn’t come out to sponsor me and my dear Dad Abok. am so grateful to you,” says Tyra.

With Fresh Kid and Felista De superstar being the most well-known beneficiaries, Ruparelia foundation last month sponsored Tyra Abok with competitions.

Ruparelia Foundation’s Nuwasasira Isabella last month said, Tyra Abok has an exceptional talent that deserved to be supported.

“It will be a good opportunity for the Foundation to help her put Uganda on the map by supporting her Miss World fashion ventures as she goes to Dubai to represent Uganda in the Little Miss United World. It should be noted this would be a unique venture for the Ruparelia foundation and the first one of its kind,” said Isabella then.

She added, “Her being an advocate of children’s rights and other challenges children faces, her ideologies are well aligned with the Ruparelia Foundation’s objectives and its something the foundation can put its weight on and support.”

Tyra Abok is a promising young talent who is passionate about children’s rights. She often uses her social platforms to voice her thoughts on child abuse and other challenges children face.

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