Being Gay And Married To A Pastor Is An Abomination In Uganda! Gospel Singer Julie Mutesasira Finally Confirms Loving Fellow Women

Renowned gospel singer Julie Mutesasira has finally confirmed that she is a lesbian.

Julie made the confession during Canada’s Got Talent competitions were her two children Esther and Ezekiel Mutesasira progressed to the next level after putting up an exceptional performance. The two siblings are the reigning Champions of East Africa’s Got Talent.

“I decided to leave Uganda because of my security. Being a gay woman in Uganda and married to a pastor is an abomination,” The Canada based Ugandan said in an interview before her kids’ performance.

Julie Mutesasira with her kids and one of the judges of Canada’s Got Talent

Pastor Steven and Julie were married for quite a long time and they had three children together but their marriage failed to workout before officially getting divorced in 2016. Julie then decided to relocate to Canada, leaving her three children behind with their father.

When Julie landed in Canada, words started making rounds that she decided to become a homosexual.

Its alleged that following her divorce, Julie rushed to the United States before she connected to Canada to unite with her new female lover. And the pair tied the knot in 2020. They have since lived as husband and wife.

On several occasions, Julie shares her photos with her lover on social media.


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