Poor & Needy Men Can’t Afford Striking – MP Mushemeza Mocks Gov’t Teachers Demanding Pay Rise

Sheema South Constituency Member of Parliament Prof Elijah Dickens Mushemeza has warned teachers against disturbing government and the president over salary increment.

Addressing teachers during a meeting on Monday April 25, 2022 at Kitagata town council headquarters, Prof Mushemeza said that 80% of teachers have failed to know that they are poor and needy thus should wait until government answers them.

“Teachers, its true President Museveni promised a salary increment but we are still in an economic crisis. I want to assure you in a broad day light that you can’t even afford Striking,” the legislator said.

“First of all, you are poor and needy. You can’t even spend three days at home not working. Where will you get what to eat? It’s very hard for a poor person to make a successful strike. Even if we don’t beat you, you will go on streets and go away yourselves,’’ Hon Mushemeza added.

Hon. Mushemeza while addressing teachers during a meeting at Kitagata town council headquarters on Monday.

Mushemeza further intimidated that whoever participate in the industrial action risk being stricken off the payroll.

“The tendency of putting the President on pressure won’t work. Those who need teaching jobs are as many as i can say and government has already identified a group of teachers who will come in and take the jobs of the rioting teachers. Just strike! We shall chase you all and employ those who need jobs,’’ Prof Mushemeza intimidated.

Before going to parliament in 2021, Mr. Mushemeza was a lecturer at Ankore Western University.

However teachers are wondering the speed at which he has already forgotten the worst conditions most teachers are going through in their respective work places.

Although most successful academicians go through hands of teachers, In Uganda, teachers are among the least paid civil servants.

The Legislator further advised residents to get used to the current high prices of commodities. He scared that it’s just a beginning but that in few months all prices will increase.


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