RCC Orders Arrest of CID Officer For Releasing Defilement Suspect

The Lira City Resident Commissioner has ordered the arrest of John Moses Ajuga, a Criminal Investigations Officer at Lira Central Police Station for releasing a notorious defilement suspect.

Lawrence Egole issued the order after Ajuga released Steven Ayine Mugisha, who was arrested on Friday from St. Katherine Girls Secondary School in the middle of the night when he had gone to pick up a senior III student.

The school management denied his request on grounds that the girl had reported Ayine for sexual abuse. The suspect was then detained at Lira CPS until Monday night when Ajuga released him under unclear circumstances.

Egole has ordered the arrest of the CID officer whom he accuses of protecting the suspect. He explains that Ayine is a notorious criminal who for some reason is always released from police custody every time he is arrested and security has been investigating the reasons as to why.

According to Egole, the suspect is being protected by some goons in police and this is not only tainting the image of the police but also denying the young girl justice.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the North Kyoga Police Spokesperson says the police are investigating all allegations levied against Ayine and some tests have already been done on both the girl and Ayine.

Sharon Ogwal, a resident of Lira Modern Cell in Lira City West Division and a neighbor to Ayine accused him of defiling young girls including the two he takes care of. She claims that Ayine uses his connections to bribe the police to drop the charges every time he is reported.

Florence Okello alias Imat Apuli, another resident has tasked parents to take good care of their children instead of living them under the care of relatives and so-called well-wishers who take children and turn them in to sex slaves. She also pleaded with President Museveni to handle people who masquerade as his children, using his name to terrorize the locals as well as break the law.


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