Exposed: How a Foreign Company Is Reaping Big From Ugandan Cannabis With Over 50kgs Of Exports As Gov’t Ignores Local Investors

Local investors in the country have continued to express their disappointments over the selective licencing of cannabis business that has been only allowed to be operated by foreign companies.

In an investigative study and survey carried out by this website, it is reported and confirmed an Israeli company Together Pharma has already exported over 50 kilograms of medical cannabis inflorescences to Germany, which was cultivated at the company’s farm in Uganda.

This website has also learnt that the Gov’t of Uganda has for years now been ‘playing hide and seek’ games as far as licencing more companies to deal in this business in Uganda, and this has stalled hundreds of applications at the minister’s desk from various local firms pending authorization.

Now, sources within this only licensed company say that they are preparing to continue importing into Germany in order to supply the market with medical cannabis produce on a regular basis and take advantage of the market’s infancy and rapid rate of growth so as to capture a large market share.

“Together Pharma has become a cannabis company with an international presence. The revenue from Germany creates for us a parallel channel, independent of our activities in Israel. The German population totals about 80 million people, eight times the size of the State of Israel, therefore the potential market represents an exceptional opportunity for us”, Together CEO Nissim Bracha was quoted saying.

“The fact that the German market is still in its infancy will allow us to establish market leadership and capture a significant market share with a continual supply of quality produce. Looking ahead, we are in contact with other strategic customers to sell significant amounts of medical cannabis produce,” he added.

In Germany, about 10 tons of medical cannabis was consumed in 2020 and more have been consumed this year but unfortunately, this market can only be enjoyed by a few licensed companies that have since left most Ugandans guessing that they are owned by Gov’t big fish.

The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 2015, allows cultivation, production, and exportation of medical Cannabis and mandates Uganda’s Health Minister to issue written consent for production of medical Cannabis but most companies have been kept guessing waiting for operational licenses in the vein which has prompted actually many investors to consider other options like Rwanda where such mafialism games are not tolerated.


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