Confession: How I Got Millions of Counterfeit Money and Exchanged It In Banks Without Being Detected

My name is Agatha; I am making this confession because I left this risky work that I was doing.

A few months ago, a friend of mine got me a job in Malaba, a few weeks into my job, two men approached me with this lucrative offer. They asked me how much I earned from my job, I told them it was decent for me (UGX950k) per month with weekly allowances. They asked me, do you know that you can make that money within 2 minutes? It sent shocking waves into my nerves, I asked them how? One said; you are a beautiful woman and you deserve to have a lot of money to maintain yourself and be a boss of your own.

As the conversation went on, I got scared because the figures they were telling me, about were so scary. They told me to meet them the next day in one hotel. As a curious rat, I met them.

Long story short, they told me they print counterfeit money and they are looking for people to work with or people that will be taking the money before expiry.

The money, if not spent in the first two weeks after printing, would be detected as fake money but one could exchange it for real money before then.

I said okay, let’s give it a try since I had so many challenges that needed quick money solutions, so they told me for a start, I will be buying that money from them and if I paid them for example 1m, they would give me 3.2m (profit of 2.2m). without hesitation, I paid them 2m! The following day, I was called to go and pick up the package. Within 24 hours, I exchanged all the 6m. Because I wasn’t sure, I didn’t use any bank, I used mobile money deposits and others. I returned to them and they said I was sharp and I didn’t have to pay again to get it, so they told me to wait for a week to get 50m, out of which 20m would be mine and the 30m would be taken to them.

Fast forward, I succeeded in all the tasks they gave me to even exchanging 200m! All that matters to them is getting real money from the counterfeit.

What I learnt is that we have so many people working hard daily but earning peanuts but there are a lot of other people out there who simply sit in their homes and make millions per day smartly, legally or illegally.

I made this public confession because I am no longer part of the team, but I have seen how rich people and politicians do this kind of dirty work. And they have the protection of the police since they have money!

Whoever will join them or is thinking of joining them, should know that this kind of activity could make them spend over 7 years in jail.

If you wish to take a risk, contact them


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